Forestry - from plantation to end user

Malec has always focused on creating the highest net return for the forest owner by utilizing our own end to end supply chain to deliver the product to highest paying markets. 

With a proven track record delivering 1400 x 40ft containers per week at our peak, Malec’s footprint in the Australian Timber industry has grown significantly. Representing 42% of the Australian timber export market.


Vertical integration = Highest net Return

At Malec we manage the whole process.


  • Purchasing of Plantations, Forestry Rights,
    and Supply agreements
  • Multiple Institutional Forest Owner Partners


  • Malec has access to over 50 harvesting systems.
  • Well-established long-term harvesting contractors

Forest Management

  • Timber Production Code Auditing
  • Forest Optimisation Auditing
  • Roading Infrastructure/Development
  • Planting and re-establishment

Road Haulage

  • Log delivery to Packing Site or Processors
  • Over 50 Malec-owned trucks to transport logs.
  • Highway and Plantation set-ups.
  • Highway: AB Triples, B Triples, B Doubles
  • Plantation: “Bush” compliant B Doubles and Singles

Packing Site

  • Scaling, Packing, Staging.

Road: Container Freight

  • Delivery of container to Port
  • Over 120 Malec owned Container trucks.

Road: Ocean Freight

  • Internal Shipping and Docs Team
  • Booking international shipping

Log sales

  • Malec has strong partnerships with all major domestic and international timber processors.
Packing and Wood Yard

Malecs Core Business Activities

  • Plantation management
  • Forest protection
  • Environmental management
  • Site preparation
  • Seedling acquisition and planting
  • Fire break and road construction
  • Plantation thinning and harvesting
  • Haulage
  • Timber sales

Have a plantation to sell or manage?

We buy timber plantations in Victoria, NSW and SA regions. Please contact us to discuss.

Have timber to sell?

We can harvest, haul and pack your bulk timber into shipping containers and export worldwide.