We would like to introduce you to our Chief Executive Officer, Matt Edwards…

Q – So Matt, what attracted you to working in logistics?

A – “For years my business dealings involved me spending a lot of time in China. I have a real respect for the way business is done in China, they believe in building relationships before doing business, so the connections you have with suppliers and clients are quite solid and built on trust and mutual respect.

My former business was actually importing from China, so making the move to Malec Brothers, an international exporting and importing company, was an easy transition for me”

Q – What is it like being involved in a rapidly expanding company?

A – “Well you never get bored, that’s for sure! Firstly, you need a strong management team who are proactive and forward-thinkers and everyone needs to be on the same page. But saying that, it is also important for everyone in the company, no matter what position they in, to have a say. Wonderful ideas can come from unexpected places, you just need to have a good work culture which I feel we certainly do have. Our staff are defiantly hard working, but with a fun attitude which is great because everyone spends so much of their lives at work, so why not enjoy it?”

Q – So what are the plans for the future?

A – “Well last year we opened our USA branch, which has so far has exceeded all expectations, including the way the local community has embraced us. Without giving too much away, this year we are set for another couple of big expansions, so watch this space!”