We would like to introduce you to Lara, our afternoon fleet controller…

Studying Economics and Marine Logistics at University was a natural step for Lara who grew up in the major port town of Odessa in the Ukraine.

She believes it is important to keep up with technology as everyday there are more products and solutions being released.

“In Logistics, things change by the hour, that’s a given and you have to be flexible. But on top of that, there are people out there creating new products and services and software to help manage all this. It’s really important to keep up to date with advances, it’s when you get complacent you’re no longer doing the best for the company or your customers.”

An example she uses is the new Victoria Wharf in Melbourne which opened last year.

“We now have a wharf controlled by robotic cranes- everything is automated. Not everyone was positive about this, saying it takes the human touch out of things, but when you export such a high volume of shipping containers as we do, the more variables you can eliminate, the better.”

In regards to the future of logistics, Lara says “Exporting and importing is what every country will always need to do – not everyone can produce everything they need. And with it being easy for the everyday person to buy goods on the internet from the other side of the world, it will only get busier!”

When asked what she loves about working in logistics “No two days are the same, things are always changing, its exciting.”